Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Status Check

Things are trucking along. I need to eventually buckle down and write a post about bio-identical hormone replacement because, unlike everyone who makes a million bucks hawking the stuff, I will not blow sunshine up anyone's butt.

I am happy to be on progesterone,  don't get me wrong, but five months in and we're still in search of the correct dose. I can still feel like yuck when I'm not on it, which is no fun.

This week has driven home how vital the progesterone is. The hubby was home most of the week on vacation. Since he is the human doppleganger of the Energizer bunny, we were up until 2 am watching movies on Netflix almost every night.

Thanks to progesterone, I have been able to function with very little sleep. So yay progesterone, but is it really going to take a f*cking year to titrate the correct does?

On the writing front, I got an amazing reader review on one book. Wow. Amazeballs. Love readers who get me. I wish I was a faster writer because then I think I would have a shot at really making money. I'm too slow to really capitalize on my skills, although I am now earning a full-time income with writing.(Holy sheeeet.)

And I have to say it here because I can't say it anyplace else without upsetting people..the kiddo's teacher thinks she's gifted.

Yep, my girl is smart. Just don't expect great penmanship or accurate scissor skills. The teacher does want us to work on her writing skills...and I just roll my eyes and think of the tens of thousands of dollars we poured into OT. Teach doesn't get that she's lucky my kid can write anything that resembles a letter. That it took us years to get her to do what she can do.

And now I have to run tantrum interference and somehow get the kiddo to dance class despite the screaming. So much for those five minutes I had to write a blog post, eh? Peace out.

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