Sunday, December 2, 2012

Infertility: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I did not like my day today. Saw my parent who just had spine surgery and is recovering while navigating a gauntlet of love in the form of two rambunctious dogs.

Upon their arrival home from the hospital, one dog jumped and slammed into their groin, causing them to double over, a huge no-no post surgery. We thought they would have to go back to the hospital, it was so bad.

It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

Today's visit was better. Of course, the other dog jumped on my parent's stomach twice. It will be a miracle if their recovery continues uncomplicated.

Then the groin smasher pup nosed into my coat pocket like a thief and stole a sucker. Because these dogs have no training or boundaries, the dog was aggressive when I took the sucker back.

Yeah, well, my dog philosophy can be summed up thusly 'hello, bitch, I'm your alpha.' So you bet I got  that sucker back. Dog meets reality smack down.

By the way, we have the two sweetest, most well behaved labs you'll ever meet. Boundaries aren't just for kids. They work for dogs too! I wish my parents would try it sometime.

And yes, I offered to take the younger most hyperactive dog and also suggested they kennel both dogs for a while. What they do or don't do about it is out of my control.

This was not the low of my day. I wish. It just added to the tension.

Before we left to see my parent, the hubby rough housed with the kiddo and she ended up slamming her forehead into a wall. Hard. OMG. So hard.

Huge goose egg. Immediate bruising. Crying inconsolably.

I checked her pupils, administered ice and gave her some Motrin. She was a little confused about an hour later and still doesn't feel great, but otherwise seems okay. The goose egg is much smaller than it was. I am keeping a very close eye on her and confining her to quiet activity.

I spent the ride down to my parents' house crying in the front seat. I hate crying. Loathe it. But my daughter was hard won after a brutal fight with infertility. Seeing her with a potentially serious injury just gutted me. My stomach was a pit of fear for hours today and it sucked.

Five years after I 'won' my battle with infertility and nine years after I started trying to get pregnant, I am still not free of its grip.

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  1. Oh, what a terrible day! I don't blame you for crying the whole time. Watching two people who mean so much to you get hurt, both from well-intended loved ones, that is gut and heart wrenching.


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