Friday, December 14, 2012


I had an epiphany last night, the format reminiscent of those dreaded story problems in school with the two trains going different speeds. Could you ever figure out when they would intersect? I never did.

But given that the flu is mercilessly taking down parents and children alike from the kiddo's school and we aren't sick yet...

I did the math and came up with 'flu over Christmas' as the answer.



So I power wrapped all the Christmas presents last night and will buy the rest today along with more wrapping paper. I restocked the freezer with chicken soup last week, so that's all set. We have jello and will make a grocery run tonight.

I have some big cooperative marketing stuff going on with other authors...I always end up running the thing for some reason. People are intimidated by spreadsheets I think or maybe they believe it's too much of a time suck when it's not really bad. I need to get it all squared away so it's plug-and-play over the holiday and easy for someone else to step in and take over in the event I'm down for the count.

My husband thinks I'm nuts for being so attentive to this. He points out that we may not get sick and I know that's true. In fact, I hope that being the last family standing is a sign we're immune to this bug.

But working to get ahead of illness has always been a best practice for the asthma, although admittedly I wait until I'm actually sick to start over-functioning. This flu bug is pretty nasty and I don't think the flu shot covers it so...I'm trying to be smart and proactive as opposed to crazy germ nut. Time will tell whether I'm crazy or not.

The way I look at it, even if I'm nuts, all the presents will be wrapped, making for a very relaxing Christmas Eve.

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