Friday, January 25, 2013

Current Events Edition

The hysteria over guns is irrational to me. Guns are not going away. Relax. No one's gonna take yer gunz. You'll still have bullets to burn no matter how many five-year-olds die. There's an apocalyptic mentality to the American psyche that I do not understand. We are not a country of reasoned discourse.

Someday I will tell you about my seriously mentally ill relative who stormed a school once. With a school aged child and that history, I'm very concerned about safety, mental health, and gun control. I have personally seen how few barriers there are to mass violence in our society. It's a tough story for me to face and I've been struggling to even say this much about it. I'd like to share it though because it's an important illustration of how we fail to protect our kids as well as care for the mentally ill.

Regarding Manti Te' I the only one watching that soap opera and thinking he's likely gay? He had a gorgeous girlfriend he never saw, made sure everyone knew about her too, and I'll say it again, he never saw her. Never. This sounds like someone trying to cover something up to me, but what do I know?  Yes the hoax was awful and wrong, but his behavior wasn't normal either.

I remember college aged men...they were not so much into the  'I'll just talk to you on the phone and never see you' thing. The ones I knew were more the 'how many drinks will it take to get you naked in my room' type.

(The answer for me by the way? Not happening. I don't drink.)

I'm glad to see American women now have the opportunity to die the same as men on the battlefield. Whee! Shootings for everyone! Huzzah! Now if women could just get paid the same too, we'd be all set.

On a health related note...there was a piece on Rock Center (is that what it's called?) last night about technology and health care. Apparently you can use your iphone now to run ekgs and test blood sugar. It's quite fascinating. My husband got all excited for me and then I pointed out the iphone has no hormone capabilities so not a win for me. Also, I still have the free, cheap phone. I've looked at upgrading as a business expense and I just can't convince myself to spend the money. I don't mind buying a fancy phone but these $150-$200 a month data plans are just too rich for my blood.

So I guess I'll have my heart attack the old fashioned way.

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