Monday, February 18, 2013

Adrenal Progress Notes

I thought it might be time to recap my continuing progress from the pits of adrenal hell.

1.I can get up in the morning. There's just such terrible noodle bones with adrenal stuff, you want to get up but you can't. You're limp and weak and just useless.

A lot of times, if getting up went okay, I would hit a wall of insurmountable fatigue within an hour of going upright. Adrenal suppression/insufficiency/whatever you want to call it has a gravitational pull....right into bed.

It's been the one adrenal symptom that lingered way too long and I'm glad to see it go.

2.I've been able to increase the intensity of exercise without coming down with a cold or stomach flu. Barring any further illness like the bronchitis last May, I will be able to do anything I want this summer.

3.I can't lose weight, but I can gain. The next time my HPA axis suppresses I don't think I'll work so hard to make sure I eat. I plan to maximize the weight loss effects of adrenal insufficiency because it's clear that I can't do much with this insulin resistance fat assery I've got going on.

Case in point, I've been really working to lose weight and nothing. Nada. No go. Literally nothing. It's depressing. I am always going to be fat at this rate, exercise is just to package it as attractively as possible.

4.I haven't thrown up in a long time. Remember how I had food poisoning or the stomach flu almost every two weeks? I was so clueless. It was the adrenal stuff, but I was blind. The constant stomach pain is gone too.

5.I am still susceptible to illness. I think. The kiddo has a bug and I spent most of the afternoon sleeping, which is unusual for me. I'm just exhausted and all I can think is I'm coming down with her boogies combined with the aftermath of killer workout I did last night. Plus the kiddo's kept us up the last two nights with night terrors. Like trying to sleep through a damn horror movie you can't turn off.

(Note: Details of #5 may slightly contradict #1 and #3, but I swear it's better. Really.)

Speaking of bugs and going off on a tangent for a moment...

I was reading a slam site that felt a certain mommyblogger is faking it because they and their kids are sick so often.

Ummm hi. I didn't fight a bug without antibiotics until my 20s. Seriously, I used to fist pump and hiss 'yesssss' when I got through a bug all by myself without any medical attention. I still get excited.

Some people have shit immune systems.

Other people bring their sick kids to a dance recital and sneeze all over you, which is what happened to us last week. The culprits were/are my friends, but I still wanted/want to smack them. Stay home, dammit. No one wants your germs.

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