Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shouting in the Void

I'm still trying to get a hold of a doctor. At this point, any MD will do.

GI never called me back.

Primary Care's call center couldn't handle my request to speak with a nurse so I could sort out anything. I asked three times to speak to a nurse in my doctor's office and they couldn't compute.

They passed me off to the general call center who sent a message to Primary Care.

And one of the biggest criticisms of nationalized healthcare is no one will be able to see a doctor.

Well, I have have insurance in a private system and I can't even get anyone on the damn phone.

It's not the first time either.

There's not much difference between me and the uninsured right now. My main source of medical care is the ER at this point.

On the upside, I've been following a liquid, soft food low fat diet which has helped. Although, I'm starving as a result. Not to mention eating too much sugar, because low fat is also high carb by default.

There's a hospital system with same day appointments. If I can't get any response from the network I've been relying on today, I'm switching.

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  1. I'm confused by a gap in the narrative. In our practice area, the ER would advise a follow up w/ primary care physician and/or a specialist in the area of concern. The specialist would never be available in the near future, so almost all get an appointment with us (The Family Physician) the same day they call. We translate and treat and make a plan for continuing care, including consultations w/surgeons or others who might relate to an unresolved abdominal pain/problem. It sounds like there is a hole in your system. (p.s. I reviewed this post on my BTR show last night- Dr Synonymous)


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