Saturday, September 7, 2013

Going Down?

I know nothing about pancreatitis. I don't know its pattern. It's all new to me.

On one hand, I am worse.

On the other, I kinda, sorta, have less pain.

My entire right torso is involved now, front to back with extensions into the left side. It's not pain that bothers me as much as intense, uncomfortable pressure and heaviness.  Any serious pain has been fleeting, thank goodness.

I can feel my kidney on the right now too, like the heaviness is irritating it. My stomach is distended, I walk like a pregnant woman three weeks past due. There is shortness-of breath at times.

I seem to be losing my appetite. Maybe. We'll see about that one.

I am also having a hard time functioning. I'm very weak and tired. Today, I managed an appointment, a quick grocery store stop and the purchase of a new printer. I had to sit down a lot and, if my husband hadn't been driving and helping, I don't think I could've managed any of it.

For the remainder of the day I will be resting. Tomorrow I will go nowhere and do nothing.

If I make it through the weekend, I'll call the GI doc on Monday. Otherwise it'll be ER visit #2. Gah.

What a terrible out-of-the-blue surprise.  Asthma I understand. Adrenals I get. Pancreatitis makes no sense to me. I feel dumb.

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  1. No you didn't need another condition to deal with

    You poor thing


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