Friday, April 4, 2014

Hey, hey, ho, ho...

My gallbladder has got to go!

The results from my second HIDA scan are in and my gallbladder is a piece of shit.

The first HIDA scan from a few years ago had an ejection fraction of 67% and it has since dropped to 37%. 

Also, I think I passed a stone during the last round of the 'am I getting pancreatitis again' game. My gallbladder contracted incredibly strongly, feeling very much like a fist opening and closing over and over again as hard as it could. It felt a lot like my own body was punching me on the inside. Meanwhile, what I assume was the biliary duct fluttered very intensely, as if it was trying to move something along. 

(Interesting side note, I could actually feel that the fluttering was on two distinct sides running parallel to each other. It's weird when you can feel the outlines of things inside you just from the way they move.)

I hadn't had those kinds of sensations before and I finally started to get better after several hours of that cramping and fluttering. In hindsight, I wonder if that was a stone.

Or aliens.

It could always be aliens.

Wee little things driving drunk in a tiny space ship and making lots of bad decisions about where to hit my internal organs with their highly advanced, futuristic weapons.

Pew, pew, pew, zaaaap.


That's alien for 'oh shit.'

Anyway. Next step is to talk to the surgeon and see if they agree. 

About removing the gallbladder. 

Not the aliens.

Amazingly, since I maybe, possibly passed that stone, I feel pretty good. I have hardly any pain. I've been able to lay on my right side again. So the drive to have surgery is pretty low.

However, I haven't had any significant asthma since August 2013. I haven't been sick with any respiratory stuff since August 2013. I haven't taken steroids for over a year. My HPA axis is as good as it gets. This streak will not last, so I probably should do the surgery now while all the other health crap is stable.

But forgive me if I'm not thrilled about the prospect. This is the absolute last thing I want to be doing with my body.

I'm never free of the medical stuff for long. I suppose the gallbladder is normal middle aged (fat, fair, forty) type stuff, but I used up all my tolerance coping with asthma since I was a kid and the horrible things steroids have done to me. I don't have the patience for this, but I'd better get my zen on because I have no choice.

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