Friday, May 23, 2014

Undeleting the Adrenal Asshats

Fair warning: Lots of swearing ahead.

I deleted the comment below yesterday, but then decided I wanted to address it.

This was the love note that was left on an old blog post:

"Stupid article by someone who knows nothing about having an adrenal crisis. An adrenal crisis is a life threatening condition that requires immediate dosing of solucortef or solumedrol to sustain life. When someone has an adrenal crisis veins collapse, blood pressure drops, brain damage occurs from lack of blood flow and death follows quickly"

I forgot to check the IP before I deleted it (I only have the comment because blogger emails me all comments), but typically, on comments like this, the IP points to a medical institution or university.

I wonder if this person ever sat down and corresponded with Addison and Cushing's patients like I have. Because I talked to a lot of patients and read a lot of textbooks and every study I could find and OUR SYMPTOMS DON'T MATCH THE FUCKING TEXTBOOKS/STUDIES.

Spend an hour of poking around on the internet and you can find patients who have Addison's, who without doubt have adrenal problems, and you will learn that THE SYMPTOMS DON'T MATCH THE FUCKING TEXTBOOKS/STUDIES. There's a lot of variation and none of it is documented.

And the death portion of the adrenal crisis CAN HAVE A BUILD UP. It doesn't have to come out of nowhere. There are things that precede it and those of us who pay attention know what they look like.

Now, would I have actually died from my adrenal crisis given that my adrenal insufficiency was pharmaceutically induced vs. being derived from surgery or an actual innate physiological defect? I don't know. And who's to say I don't have an innate physiological defect? My HPA Axis takes fucking years to get its shit together after being suppressed. This also DOES NOT MATCH THE FUCKING TEXTBOOKS/STUDIES.

But I'm not an experiment and I'm not interested in dying to prove those of you sitting on your medical high horses wrong. So I will take the steroids and I will call it an adrenal crisis, and you, Einstein commenter, can kiss my HPA axis.

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  1. Thanks for the passionate insights about biological variability, which is worthy of the respect you give it. I like your last line. Blog On!


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