Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The universe will not leave my stomach alone. It's like there's a bullseye on that sucker.

I almost had to run again. Idiot parents were too busy smoking to notice their itty bitty toddler in the street. I started calling out the first time I saw the kid edging to the road and when he stepped off the curb, I went into the street, thinking 'how the hell am I going to run?'

The kid was four houses away. Even if I did run, I doubted I would be fast enough to get to the kid.

Naturally, there were cars coming, too, and they were closer to the kid than me.

Just as I was about to go for it, whoever was in charge of the kid (parents? pothead babysitter? random idiots off the street? aliens from Pluto?) finally got a clue and managed to scoop the kid up.

I noticed they didn't even set their cigarette down. How nice for them!

I know perfectly nice, intelligent people smoke. It's just that none of those smokers live on my street. I would describe my neighborhood more as a heavy user of social services (and drugs and cigarettes and stupidity).  I hold out hope that rising gas prices might someday gentrify the area, as outlying suburbs are less economical when gas is so expensive. Or that I can stay perfectly healthy for the next five years, at which point, we should be able to bail even if we have to take a loss on the house.

(Health: It can make or break you financially. The more you know, right?)

Then, one of our dogs developed a nasty eye infection. She weighs 55lbs and is so frail with old age, she has to be carried up and down stairs. So my hubby and I have been pow-wowing over how that's going to work because I don't think I can carry her to get her to the vet. Maybe once, and that's a big maybe, but definitely not the four times that's required to get her in and out of the house and the car.

Fortunately, we have some eye cream from the vet that we've been using. It was for a previous eye infection that wasn't actually an eye infection (long story, you don't care) and if we're lucky, that will clear it up without a vet visit.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to lift as many things as possible and see how it goes. Multiple bags of groceries are okay. How much of a gap is there between that and 55lbs of dog that doesn't like to be carried and goes all splayed ninja cat on you? I don't know and I'm nervous to find out!

(I met my writing goal today, which is the only reason I'm on here. So...yay?)

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