Monday, June 7, 2010

What Does it Take to Get a Good Necromancer Around Here?

Hello internet. How are you?

I am cleaning. Always cleaning. We've hit the phase of the home reorg/remodel where I have to put everything in its place and figure out how we're going to live in our re-purposed space.

Plus, the impending doom of houseguests hangs over our heads. We have one person living with us this summer already and another due in for a visit later this month. Normally, we are a one guest room house, and now we need two. Which is causing a tizzy over in these parts.

Anyway, spoke to the ped. Amazingly I have NONE of the credibility issues when dealing with the toddler's medical stuff that I do when dealing with mine.

Knocks on wood like a woodpecker on speed.

Crosses self just to be safe.

Peds listen to me. No one thinks I'm nuts. At least not so much that they feel the need to act out and put me in my place. I mean, don't get me wrong, I get blown off and dismissed frequently. But it's different, the peds are never rude about it and are pretty open to the idea that I might be seeing something they aren't.

When she had RSV they ignored me up until I pointed out she had stopped gaining weight (at 4 months) and showed them the notice from the daycare that her fellow inmates had been hospitalized with RSV. Yeah, their tune changed right quick and bonus points to them, they were never irritated with me the 4 separate times I dragged the toddler in to see them because I knew she was sick, I knew it was RSV, but I couldn't get them to see it until the worst was over*.

So the ped agrees things are not normal and that my mommy radar is working properly. We did an x-ray, which I doubt will show anything but it's important to rule things out.

From here, I don't know. Depending on how things pan out with the ped, I'm thinking about calling Early Intervention services to conduct a comprehensive assessment. There are some small niggling things that make me wonder if there's more going on than any of us think. Beyond that, maybe a PT? That's my tentative plan at least.

Other than that, she's been an absolute delight of late. I like babies, but it's a lot more fun for me when they start talking. Even if it means more arguing.

As for me, eh. I feel like I've died and been brought back to life by some two bit necromancer who couldn't quite get my soul properly stuffed back into my body. I'm fine, but I don't feel the same. Things have changed and I don't know my body anymore.

I continue to exercise. It continues to hurt. I am working on a Zumba party to quench my Zumba lust.

The asthma flared quite badly at one point, which was disappointing since I'm already taking everything I can take short of prednisone and nebulizer treatments. Even though the Symbicort counter was not at zero, I suspect I may not have been getting the full dose those last four puffs. Odd how things improved with the new inhaler.

Food is going okay. I've found a few things I can eat although it's far from the simple menu plan I had going before that required no forethought because I had it down.Tonight we split a rack of ribs three ways (because we couldn't afford a rack for each person). I made a dry rub for the 'marinade' and then we put BBQ sauce on it on the grill. Very yummy. Too bad ribs are so expensive.

Energy is...weird. I just don't feel like myself even though I'm much better. It's kind of depressing how often random people tell me I look tired or beat. I don't know if it's just an issue of me getting over that last hump from illness to health or the harbinger of some further medical mayhem.

Still bleeding too. Though the pill keeps it from being a hemorrhage. Today I found out my OB prescribed the Bentley of birth control pills. $85 for a month? Are you kidding? My insurance won't even cover it without reams of paperwork that no one wants to deal with.

No wonder the OB handed me a discount card from the manufacturer. Frankly, I wouldn't mind going on a cheaper pill, but I'm sticking with this one for the three months they told me it would take for things to turn around.

Because of the cleaning, I'm not online as much. Things should slow down in a month or so and I have sooooo many things to say that I just don't have time to do them justice to right now.

*This is the downside of breastfeeding, sick isn't as sick as it is in formula feed babies. The toddler was, I believe, the only breastfed baby at her daycare judging from the formula bottles I saw in the fridge there. She never seemed to be as sick as her peers, but that didn't mean I wasn't up all night for weeks making sure she took that next raspy breath. We were very close to going to the ER on several occasions, but she always pulled through to that horrid medical limbo of 'yes, you're sick, but not sick enough.'


  1. You just can't beat breastfed babies with a stick. Our couple friends were astounded to learn that neither of our smaller children had *ever* been to the pediatrician for a sick visit...

  2. Love...Love...Love your blog!
    I found you on SoulCysters...keep writing...keep up the good fight.

    I soooo relate to you and your struggles, definately adding you to my favs!



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