Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Kill a Knee in 7 Easy Steps

1.Let your hubby whack it pretty hard with a kayak.

2.Wrench it pretty hard doing Zumba.

3.Have Hubby kick you in the knee while doing Zumba himself.

4.Have Toddler kick you in the knee because she thinks Daddy is playing a Fun! New! game.

(Note: 2 - 4 were all in within 20 minutes of each other.)

5.Then feel your knee ache to the point where the pain flares stop you in your tracks. Add in uncontrollable muscle spasms both outside and inside the joint.

6.Yet, you still don't go to the doctor. Or get a brace. Or do anything useful at all.

7.But you do keep working out. Somehow. Even though that makes things worse.

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