Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not a Cave Woman

So it turns out caves are an asthma trigger for me*.

I googled it but, it appears for everyone else, caves are an asthma cure. For me, they make the lungs purr and hiss like a bipolar cat.

Well, at least I didn't have to go to the ER.

Although I can't say using the nebulizer in a hotel bathroom at midnight is my idea of fun either.

But so far, so good, no prednisone. However, I am kind of bummed to be revisiting the kind of asthma that not only severely limits my activities, but also requires me to be aware of where the nearest ER is. It's been a long time since the bad old days, I am not happy to see them rise again.

For now we are home safe and sound...except our personal little black rain cloud was mighty busy while we were gone. Turns out we have some kind of electrical problem that turned off the fridge while were gone. So we had to do a big clean fridge clean out after figuring out where that horrid smell was coming from.

This after having to buy a new washing machine right before we left town. Between the lungs and everything else, it's rather chaotic around here.

Not sure who we have pissed off, but boy are we sorry. Please let us know what we can do to make it right.

*Either that or it's the 1,000,000% humidity or the temp differential between the two. I don't know. The one cave tour we did prohibited people with lung problems--something I didn't find out until after the tour as hubby bought the tickets. Sure enough, I was wheezing after we left that cave.

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