Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I should be in bed, but here I am. Too lazy to get up and actually find the bed.

The pulmicort refill should be sorted out now??? The doctor's office sent a new prescription to another dimension so it never arrived at the pharmacy. I think it's all sorted out now.


Which is good, since I've been having a mild attack for the last several hours.

Is attack even the right work?

I can't stop coughing. The albuterol helps for a while and then it starts back up. Is that an attack? Poorly controlled asthma? A mild asthma exacerbation?


I've had a mild cold so there's some gunk in there to irritate things. (Note: One thing you never want to hear from a houseguest upon arrival is "I think I have strep throat." Not a pleasant statement, although it turned out to not be strep and I've kept it at bay with all the vitamins I swear by--hey it works for me.)

Oh yeah, I had to take prednisone because of the cold. That was interesting. I hit the wall energy-wise and had to do it because I was rapidly becoming comatose. My body truly does not have the physical ability to handle stress.

It reminds me of breastfeeding. Yes, boobs. I remember when my milk came in, feeling this immense strain in my body as it figured everything out. My body was working overtime, it was something else. I, apparently, feel the same sensation of overall strain now when sick.

On the exercise front, I did a hard core hike in 95F heat with air so humid, I chewed it as I hiked. 1.5 miles, 150 stairs, ran up and down steep hill 4x, and finished with 40 push-ups. This means I am almost at pre-pregnancy fitness levels (and wearing pre-pregnancy jeans, although I am still fat.).

I now have a swim suit that is two sizes smaller than when I started. It looks good, but my arms and thighs are a hot mess. I have bad genetics in those areas on top of everything else. So, despite the squats and push-ups and stairs, I have some real problem areas.

I've got a month until our beach vacation and have sworn to do what I can between now and then. We'll see how it goes.

As for the knee, it's fine until it's not. I have no idea if I'm exercising my way out of the problem or into a more serious injury.

And that's what's what with me.

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