Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So hey, I guess I should read my own blog before I post. I think I've said the same thing about prednisone and asthma three different ways over the last few weeks.

Sorry about that. My brain doesn't work anymore, not since that time I didn't sleep for a year.

Anyway, I have a sore throat today.

Not sure what that is about. I keep drinking more and more water. Then some diet pop thinking surely soon this painful lump will be washed away, but no. It's still there.

I would really appreciate it if the germs in my life would not do a Superbowl worthy pile on. Okay? Thanks.

The toddler is sick and coughing a tight, wheezy cough. I've been offering her the albuterol inhaler and she's been accepting, which means she must be feeling pretty rotten since we usually have to give her a roofie and then tie her down to get any meds into her (just kidding, about the roofie at least) (Also, it's her inhaler, prescribed by the ped,by the way, not mine). The cough seems to respond well to the inhaler, so another check in the yes-my-child-has-asthma column.

The timing is perfect, as usual. We have big plans this weekend. A road trip to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. Turns out our houseguest has a thing for caves and he started drooling when I mentioned Mammoth Caves was well, not close, but doable by virtue of the fact that we like road trips around here.

But I have a sore throat and a distinct lack of energy. I am supposed to be in the kitchen cooking almond flax muffins and reduced sugar oatmeal cookies for the trip. Instead I am blogging and fantasizing about taking a nap.

At least I worked out this morning. A wimpy, lame-o half-assed workout, but I showed up and put in the time which has to count for something.

Oh, and here's a tip. Don't take your blood pressure while watching a really scary movie when you are a big fat scaredy cat. It will be sky high.

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