Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shape Up

I am getting bored with working out. I don't feel like it's helping me lose weight anymore.

Which I know, for me, exercise is not really the answer. But I had toned so much and had such great success in changing my body shape, I thought if I just did more and did it harder, I could continue to have dramatic positive results.

Also, I do like being physically active, but it is a time suck and a logistical challenge. I'm hitting the wall of 'do I really want to kill myself and move heaven and earth to find even more time to devote to squats?'  I mean, how many squats do I need to do?

The fact is, I have insulin resistance, a parting gift from prednisone. And if I am not eating a strict low carb diet, I am not going to lose weight. That's just the way it is.There aren't enough squats in the world to make me skinny.

I am low carbing, but not strictly. As in, I ate a plum yesterday and I will probably have corn-on-the-cob tonight. The other day, I had a small piece of french toast. I won't gain weight, but I won't lose weight. Little stuff matters even if every other thing I put in my mouth has zero carbs.

So I need to refocus on what I'm eating and stop thinking if I just work out more that will solve the problem. The carbs have got to go.

By the way, one of the workouts I've been doing is a 20 minute Shape 'body makeover' dvd. It's fast, hits hard, and never seems to get easy. The extra segments kind of suck--too much channeling of yoga, pilates, and Cirque du Soleil contortionist for me, but the main 20 minute workout is fantastic. Highly recommend.

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  1. I give you credit for doing any exercise. Me? Exercise? Not even gonna try. Didn't like it before I got sick....and I won't like it now.


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