Thursday, July 8, 2010


Up all night coughing.

The thing is I don't feel particularly bad, I just cough. Then I take the inhaler, it recedes and then comes back. So I added in some cold medicine to try and dry up the teeny bit of gunk that is in my lungs.

Now I'm exhausted from the lack of sleep and it seems things are getting worse i.e tighter, wheezier, gunkier.

I am confused because, while annoying and tiring, again, I don't really feel sick sick. So...why?

In response I upped the prednisone into an official 5 day burst and will try to talk myself into dragging out the nebulizer. Hopefully that will be enough to kill it.

Because I don't know if you read the last post or not, but I had serious plans to kick my own ass for the next 30 days.

They say you make plans and God laughs. I make plans and God f*cks me up.

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  1. Hope it's getting at least a little better now. Thinking of you...


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