Monday, August 30, 2010

Do They Make Armored Band-Aids?

I took a spill the other day. Skewered myself on the corner of a marble table top. Tripped, dragged my feet across concrete and gave my second toe something akin to an arterial bleed.

Being in the middle of a busy playdate (featuring boys who were not potty trained, but yet not wearing diapers due to way too much optimism on their mother's part, who then ended up hosing my house like firemen) I sucked it up.

I didn't cry.

Or whimper.

Hell, I didn't even reach for a band-aid until I had bled right through my sock.

Turns out this particular injury, minor as it is in the grand scheme of things, has become much more painful with time.

Because, now, instead of the universe gunning for my knee, it stomps on my toe.

Over and over.

Like there's an effing pheromone infused magnet in there.

Damn thing has not healed one iota as a result.


In other news...

1. The endocrinologist does the ultrasound during the appointment. At least that's what the secretary told me. At least I did my part to get it right, so I wash my hands of it.

2.I am losing my hair. Again. Given that the pill should be controlling the PCOS (the supposed cause of previous hair loss), I wonder if my thyroid is acting up.

3.Which seems plausible since I slept 8 hours last night plus took a 2 hour nap. I am dragging. Can't even work up the energy to work out.

Or maybe it's the adrenals. Aren't I lucky to have options?

4. Toddler's PT is going okay. No complaints of pain for the last few days. Not showing any progress either though. Maybe the PT will see something we can't at our appt. later this week.

Peace out.

Watch your toes!

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