Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Vacation has been a ton of fun--we have just two days left, it goes so fast! I am currently decompressing from the day and thought blogging might be fun.

The big news is my lungs feel GREAT. Like maybe they finally finished healing from March??? I hope. That would be awesome news. I no longer feel like I'm constantly on the precipice of a bad attack. I feel whole, which is amazing.

Time will tell.

As for vacation, it has been awesome. It includes all of my paternal extended family. My brothers. Grandma and Grandpa. My parents rent a big house in the wilds of upper Michigan and we hang out for a week. It's really nice because we get a lot of quality time together as a family and we all get along really well.

So my family is pretty active and my father is a binge exerciser. As in, when he had walking pneumonia he kept running 5 miles a day. He also does big workouts where he doesn't stop until he's lost weight--as in 6 hours of cardio. Nuts.

As a result, vacation for him is all walk, swim and run and my brothers have joined him in the obsession. Four hour kayaking tour yesterday followed by a five mile run.

While I haven't done as much as they have, nor matched their intensity, this has been a pretty physically active vacation for me. Lots of walking, particularly in sand, swimming, tennis and badminton.

We did go on a two hour kayaking tour, which was so horrid it was hilarious.

Hubby gave my bad knee a solid whack with the kayak.

I kept running in to snarled bushes on the river bank.

I also capsized the hubby when he was trying to help me under a fallen tree.

As he capsized, he dropped the tree trunk on my neck, which gouged me pretty good. (The trunk was about as thick as an upper arm.)

Hubby's blackberry died too, although I still don't understand why he brought it with him.

I didn't know how to stop, so when he capsized, I kept going and didn't see him for another hour.

The water was too shallow and we got stuck a lot.

There was a ton of debris both above and below water that required constant navigation. Except I didn't really know how to steer and the outfitter hadn't given any instructions.

Hubby's boat kept taking on water.

Other kayakers were obnoxious and failed to control their children. Which put me back in the bushes as I tried to avoid a collision.

It was truly awful, but thankfully crossed the line of being so bad it was funny. Hubby and I were laughing hysterically, except for the times I was asking 'are we done yet?' Because man, was it a miserable trip.

I used to think I wanted to get into kayaking as a hobby, but I don't know anymore. While it was a great bonding experience for us, I'm not sure I want to volunteer for more pain, you know?

And that's it. The lungs are doing really well. I am so excited and trying to block out the fact that the toddler starts attending the germ factory preschool in just 2 weeks, which will surely mark the end of this 'good health spree.'

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  1. Kayaking is a lot of fun, provided you know how to steer. Basically it involves paddling more to one side than the other to turn to one direction or the other. Sounds like quite the adventure you had. ;)

    Oh, and glad to hear your lungs are doing great right now! :D


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