Thursday, November 11, 2010

17 Day Challenge Update

Well the challenge has not gone well. Thank you prednisone, my wimpy HPA axis, and craptastic lungs.

However, the scaled graciously dropped 5 lbs.

Then went up 5lbs.

Then dropped 5lbs.

Ad nauseum.

Scale ping pong.

The dress seems looser, but it's hard to say.

Here are the first pic (left) and the current one (right). I think there's more loose fabric in the mid section. It was not as tight to zip.

Or maybe it's the same. So hard to say!

If the formatting is wonky, sorry. I am not tech savvy enough to get the pictures to show up where I actually want them to be.

I had to enlist the decapitator to take the pic as I didn't fair much better. Here's what I did when I attempted it on my own. No head. No feet. All boob.

If I'm ever single and looking for a man, I guess I could use this pic as my online dating profile avatar. Or I could 'sext' the hubby, but the green is a little Wicked Witch for me (which is actually why I kept the dress, for Halloween. I don't actually like it all that much. If I had the money, this is the dress I would buy.)

So basically, at this point, I'm looking for a girdle or duct tape to kind of suck in all the floppy bits.


  1. Looks quite a bit looser to me! Congrats!!

  2. Looks looser to me too. LOL on the self-taken shot. I recently discovered there's a term for that. A "myspace angle".


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