Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to Normal

Normalcy is the theme right now.

Done with the excesses of the holiday.

Back to low carbing.

Done with the excesses of prednisone.

Down to 5mg.

Waiting for 5mg to feel good so I can get back to exercise.

Done with the shortcomings of aberrant adrenals.

For the moment anyway.

Changing topics...

Got a call from a mom friend whose little one has asthma and is not getting relief with the current treatment plan.

Clarification, I've been getting phone calls from this mom friend for a while now.

Because it's not been going well for her little one for longer than it should.

So now they are on the merry chase for the right doctor, the right medication, the right tests.

Call me crazy, but I think medical 'Chinese fire drills' are really the biggest problem in health care. Both in terms of costs and quality of care. When a child with asthma has to see more than 4 doctors to get proper care which, in turn, also forces them to use Urgent Care or the ER as the stop gap, it's costing everyone a lot of money.

No one wins.

But that's just normal for our medical system.

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  1. If I had to watch a child, up close and personal, go through the medical system as it is now I honestly think I would be in jail at the very least for vandalizing some cars and offices. It's bad enough dealing with this as an adult. Seeing all that run around done on a kid would put me over the edge.


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