Monday, November 8, 2010


Still having adrenal pain. Struggling with how I can work out today.

I really want to work out.

How wise that impulse is, I don't know.

Not sure either what to do about the taper. Blood pressure is holding steady. It spiked though last night to 140/90 again which is what happened when I crashed last time. Other adrenal patients tell me a spike up is often a warning sign of an impending crash. So I am not sure what is going to happen or what I should do.

But the adrenal pain is intensifying. Arghhh. Not happy.

Hubby did the groceries. Costco and the 'super store' and it about killed him. He had to take a nap and this is the guy who gives the Energizer Bunny a run for his money.

So glad I stayed home and took it easy. I don't think it would've ended well if I had gone.

I finally got a good pic of the toddler. I am thrilled. We were getting ready to go outside and the light was great, her hat was cute and her curls were perfect. Here are the 2 best shots. Doesn't she look adorable?

I did a lot of photo stuff this weekend since I was on restricted activity; the 2011 calendar with pics from 2010, the Christmas card, the 2009 memory book. I waited too long to do the 2009 memory book, I don't remember dates and events like I should and wow has the toddler changed. Here's a shot from summer 2009. She has changed SO much! I didn't even realize!

As for the rest of the weekend, I made pizza popovers with some leftover puff pastry. There was nothing else really to make, we still hadn't gone to the store and I had meat and milk but no vegetables or any other meal building blocks. (I had the last 2 hot dogs by the way, not the pizza popovers which were not low carb.)

Once we got an infusion of groceries, I made a roast chicken that turned out beautifully except for one mistake. Can you spot it? And no, it's not that part in the foreground that I stabbed clumsily with a meat fork.

I roasted it upside down! That's what happens when you let a mild dyslexic cook. At least it tasted good.

And then I made my lunch for the week. Layered salad. It's a new recipe, I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Lots of veggies in there with hard boiled eggs and bacon. I assemble it each night and then top with the dressing and let it marinate until lunch the next day.

And the hubby started re-covering our dining room chairs. Most of our furniture is second-hand; we save money, it's better for the environment and hubby is handy. This set was from Great Grandma who passed last year, so we get to remember her when we sit down to a family meal. Background is the old cover, foreground is the fabric we're using.

So despite my limitations, it was still a productive weekend.

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