Friday, November 5, 2010

The View from 2mg

I tapered down to 2mg yesterday. It seems to be going better than 3mg. Yesterday was a bit rough, but I violated my rule of staying home and doing nothing. Instead I packed boxes with gifts for children overseas for a church charity thing.

Not my church, a friend's church. My father was a minister, retired now, and none of us do organized religion in any way shape or form, we are beyond burned out. Although I plan on torturing the toddler mightily with Sunday School at some point.

So anyway, I spent about 5 hours there mostly because the toddler was having such fun playing with all the other kids, not because there was that much work to do.

It kind of wiped me out a bit though. I had some transient flank pain and the blood pressure sank a bit more than usual. So I downed my favorite adrenal cocktail: pickles and brine and chased it with some sugary stuff. And it was fine.

I am hopeful that I will be off steroids by Christmas. Then we see what happens next. Will exercise tank me again? Will any medical professional give a sh*t if it does? How many prednisone refills will my endo give me before either deciding I'm an addict or thinking gee, maybe we should like, you know, collect some empirical objective data on this because maybe there's something more serious going on?

Today I have stayed home, although I called to make a doctor's appointment for a nagging issue that has not resolved since March. I am not at all worried and am just doing my due diligence, but it's one of those things that until they know for sure it's okay, it's like DEF CON 5 to a doctor.

So I may have to traipse out to see the doctor today.

I purposely waited until noon to call so I could make an actual appointment and not get rush treatment.

Listen, I REFUSE to have any more problems. There IS NOT GOING TO BE ANYTHING WRONG.

Got it?

Also, while we're at it...a quick shout out to my stupid gallbladder. STOP SPASMING you wimp. You don't have stones*. There's no need to have a seizure in there. WHY are you bothering me??????? Sit down and shut the hell up. I don't want to hear a peep from you unless there's a stone so big I can palpate it myself. Until then I am IGNORING you, you jacka$$.

Oh. Hahahaha. They just called. I must've been convincing, they gave me an appt for next week.

*My gallbladder periodically behaves badly. So badly I can't sleep on my side for months at a time, too painful. There are never ever any stones. It's never anything except painful. I have had this off and on for about 6 years now. Someday I will get to a GI doc and probably find there are GERD related gut motility/functional issues like my Dad has.

PS: I responded to comment on the last post IN the comments. Just FYI.

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  1. Ah, medical manipulation 201 - how to get the appt you want when you want. Yes, I went through that class, too. :-)

    Hope you have a successful taper!


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