Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Down and Out

1. The cranberries are still having their way with me and they fight dirty. GERD pain is the worst and it's still hurting three days later.

2. BP tanked to 100/70 from a high of 150/100 (highest ever at home and my heart rate was an impossible 57) but I started BP meds anyway. Felt like my head was going to explode yesterday.

The drop in pressure didn't bother me like it has in the past, mostly I felt blessed relief. Still spent lots of my free time on the couch though, applying direct pressure to my brain in an attempt to squash the never-ending headache I seem to have of late. Watched the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer special with the toddler sitting on me.

No back pain this time either.

3. I am irked that my body had a trend going and now this latest turn of the medical merry-go-round is doing something different. I guess consistency is too much to hope for.

4.Why am I still so so sooooo tired? I just feel wiped. I never got to 100% this time around although I was able to do things like grocery shop and feel optimistic. It reminds me of August when I never felt good, but was never bad enough to justify taking prednisone. Except I'm on prednisone so...?

Mostly I am just feeling deflated and like things are never going to improve.

I thought I would be exercising by now. Be back to my usual self. Instead, I feel like a sloth with mono.


  1. Hey, "Sloth with Mono" sounds like a good rock band.

    On the other hand, sorry you're still down. But don't count yourself out just yet. I'm sure you'll figure things out with your crazy bod, then you'll show it who's in charge.

  2. I hate days like this. I'm sorry. "I am irked that my body had a trend going and now this latest turn of the medical merry-go-round is doing something different." This feeling is part of why my blog is called Final Trick. That and Margaret Atwood. Damned bodies. They're bastards.

    I see you take prilosec. I was taking that for a while, twice day. I had to change to pantoprazole (Protonix? my pharmacy never gives me brand name but I think that was how it had been prescribed). It seems to work better. Still need to take two a day though. But it does help me with the gastritis and reflux pain.


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