Sunday, December 19, 2010

The World Crushes On

So while I've been off trying not to pass out, trying to sort out this health stuff, other things fell apart.

Multiple things deconstructed in bizarre ways on Friday.

Until my life looked like a sliced and diced Cubist painting; oddly formed, edges sharp as razors.

Nothing I recognized or wanted to be associated with.

Basically, Friday was when everything else started to suck too. It's not just my health anymore.

The timing is amazingly craptastic.


So no sleep at all Friday night. Between the stress and the toddler coughing most of the night, I couldn't sleep.

I did not volunteer at the pancake breakfast although the hubby went. The toddler had a great time. She actually talked to Santa, which is a pretty big deal as she usually tries to crawl back into the womb due to shyness.

I was tired due to lack of sleep but able to withstand it all due to the prednisone. Just couldn't hack the early morning volunteering gig. Definitely felt better on the prednisone. Big time.

Now, of course, the lack of sleep is hurting and lucky girl that I am, I get to start Hydrocortisone (HC) again tomorrow. I'm bummed I didn't get to take better advantage of my time with the prednisone but I guess I should be happy I was on it at all. With all the symptoms I had Friday, the subsequent implosion of my world would've caused problems if I'd been stuck on HC.

So to wrap this up, my life is now a mess and I have to get better asap or I'm going to drown.

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  1. Terrible time to have health and personal bullshit. I hope you can sort things out and get things back to normal. Hope you feel better soon.


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