Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The World Will End on December 30th, No Wait Make that January 3rd

To review, I missed cortisol test opportunity #1 because the pulmo told me to wait two weeks at the time, which I could not do and I didn't argue the point.

Because I was too out of it to argue.

Then the pulmo gave me attitude in Nov saying they ordered the test and I didn't show up.

And I was like, nuh-uh, you told me wait two weeks and I couldn't wait that long.

Then the endo at the time didn't require a test as they were comfortable meshing my history, my symptoms and the sequence of events around them.

Plus I was too far gone to wait another day, in my humble opinion.

Now the new endo ordered a cortisol challenge test. The secretary tried to call me but the call didn't go to voicemail.

So they couldn't leave a message, but went ahead and set me up for a cortisol test yesterday and never tried to call me back to tell me about it.

Since I am not telepathic, I missed that test.

(I hope they don't bill for that. It wasn't my fault.)

Now I have to wait until 12/30 because they are completely booked to infinity and beyond.

No wait, they screwed up. Again. Now I will have the blood test on January 3rd which is SO awesome because it will be completely self-pay.

Clearly the world will end on that date because there is no way I am ever going to get a cortisol test. Or be able to afford one by the time they do get their act together.

Congratulations health care in America, you've made me cry.

I left a message with the secretary begging for them to see if they can do anything this month still. Anything.

As for the hydrocortisone, the 20mg is not so hot. The fatigue is excising options like going grocery shopping, exercising, driving competently, staying conscious and eating. So I have called to get the dose adjusted.

At least I didn't waste the snow day yesterday. The hubby took the day off to go to the parent-teacher conference, which was canceled due to weather, so I had him drive us to various stores because he grew up in E. Europe where hairpin mountain curves are never plowed*. He likes near death driving experiences in the winter. Also, his adrenal glands work.

I got a lot of Christmas shopping done so that was a positive. Even if I did take a nap on the hubby's shoulder while the toddler played at the mall playground.

*They don't mow the cemeteries either unless someone dies. Communism didn't do a lot of infrastructure maintenance.

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  1. Ugh. Call them every morning, and ask if there has been a cancellation - there often are. Or, if another lab can do the test - usually any hospital outpatient labs can run these.



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