Monday, April 25, 2011

Four Way

1.Happy post Easter sugar crash. How was your jelly bean buzz? I was flying hippity hoppity HIGH.

2. My energy is way up and I feel pretty good. Still have muscle issues, but they are different now in that they're more specific. Sharply painful spasms target my right quadriceps and left bicep--those will stop me in my tracks. The calves and feet have the more typical, generic spasms, which don't necessarily hurt and respond well to changing position.

But I went for a walk and danced off the sugar on Easter. After which I had to take an involuntary nap and woke up with wheezy creaky lungs. So, overdoing it a bit.

Also, beyond exercise, I got out to see some movies! (That passes for high excitement around here.)

The only thing that puzzles me is the adrenal glands still hurt at times. Particularly if I am tired or feeling spent. I wonder when that will go away or is it permanent?

3.From the previous post, responding to comments re: the toddler and PT:

I don't know what is up with the falls. It could be related to growth. She's been as big as a 5 year old since early 3 and would not be out of place with 1st graders size wise now. I think it's worse with growth spurts which makes me wonder if maybe something isn't keeping up with the growth curve in her hip/leg.

Motor planning disorder could be on the menu. I've also been guided to info on proprioception issues by other special needs moms.

The PT has been able to identify and document the weakness, which was enormously helpful and validating. The toddler really was behind on her skills and not at age level.

She has made progress. It has been so slow though that I didn't really see it until I was filling out all the EI paperwork.

4.I have sold some ebooks! I've made like five whole bucks. Ha. But it's a good sign and I'm gearing up for my third ebook project, aiming for something more marketable.

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  1. My kids are too old for Easter baskets and jelly beans... but if there were jelly beans or chocolate bunnies here I would be in big trouble. Last doctor appointment I mentioned my aching left side adrenal...she looked at me like I was nuts.


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