Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meandering of the Mind

I feel better. More upright. More able. The hubby hasn't had to cook in a few days. I went for a walk. I feel like I can (and should) give up some of the caffeine I've been trying to prop myself up with.

This morning though, muscle cramps woke me up. I would love to sleep more, but my body wants the steroids asap now.

Which means, no tapering this week. Maybe next? If I'm lucky.

To dispel rumors, I am not updosing all the time. I haven't updosed recently except for that one time where I wasn't feeling so hot, which was what? 2 weeks ago? More?

Or was it last week?

I have a terrible sense of time any more.

I think it's because, secretly, I'm 90 years old.

And not the kind of 90 that's still working full time.

More the kind that can't remember her name and drools.

(There's a 97 year old show off out there still teaching full-time. FYI. Just in case you were feeling accomplished or anything.)

Anyway, I have two projects nearing completion. I'm testing out Amazon's ebook publishing platform (which is very clunky and slow and difficult) to see if it can provide income.

There's even a marketing effort and I'm quite pleased to report 6 people want review copies.

Okay, 6 is not a lot. But I'm just happy I'm counting fingers on a second hand.

One project I can share here. The other I have to keep separate because I'm tying it to my professional profile online to, hopefully, boost my resume and improve networking ops. Employers can peek into my expertise so they can run screaming without having to suffer through an interview. Saves me time and I earn royalties so...winning!


  1. Queen of OptimismApril 16, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    damn those accomplished nonagenarians! I'd love to know more about your ebooks! Congrats! 6 people interested in your book is a whole lot more than most of us have. Brava, Eeyore!


  2. Just keep on truckin. Do what you can, that's all you can do. Always sending vibes your way.


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