Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toddler Tape Debacle

Physical therapy did not go well for the toddler yesterday.

In fact, she bought herself an OT assessment for sensory issues.

They wanted to tape her feet. Because she fell four times in ten minutes at therapy. Tripping over air.

She lost her sh*t over the tape.

I was called back and tried to bring her down from DEFCON 5.

Didn't work.

It was one of those awkward moments where your impotence as a parent is exposed. Where everyone can just see how you suck and can't control your ornery kid and WTF is wrong with you.

But I wasn't about to violate her personal boundaries, pin her down and force the tape on her either. Which seemed to be the only option available.

Not that the therapist suggested that, but I wondered if I was being judged for not suggesting it myself. Should I have? I hope not because I don't think it sows anything I want to reap later.

When it comes to tape, I'm of the mind that it's her body, her choice. Especially since this particular tape is strong enough to rip off skin if she yanks it off in a conniption fit.

We did the 'put the tape on mommy' and 'put the tape on dolly' bit. The toddler still shrieked when she saw the tape being moved toward her leg.

We tried to dialogue with her. 'Are you afraid it will hurt?'



Didn't work.

"Is she coming down with something? I've never seen her like this," the therapist said.

"Uh, I don't think so. This is the toddler uncensored. We get this at home. By the way, we can't even get band-aids on her when she needs them. This tape idea might be a stretch."

So we abandoned it and I was dismissed to the waiting room to fill out an assessment for sensory issues.

On the way home, she sobbed and thrashed and kicked in the car seat.

"No music!"

"I'm sweaty!"

"I'm wet!"

"My sunglasses are wet!"

"It's too windy!"

"Did you have a hard time at therapy today, honey?"


"Was therapy stressful?"

"Yes." Sobbing hiccough.

"I'm sorry. Go ahead and cry if you need to."

And she did.

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  1. Ugh! Poor little person...she is lucky to have a mother who understands what it feels like to feel icky. I think you were wise to let her be and not force anything on her.


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