Thursday, April 28, 2011

Up Dose

Mo left a comment to the previous post, which, in part, said...." Last doctor appointment I mentioned my aching left side adrenal...she looked at me like I was nuts."

My main response is, why do doctors act like they know everything? Especially when treating someone with a rare disorder?

I never had the back/flank pain before. This was the first time for me. My adrenal glands were so inflamed I could feel their outline in my body. When my lungs are inflamed, I can feel their borders as well.

It's not a woo-woo concept. If things are inflamed or otherwise irritated, you will feel it. Maybe not as precisely as I have, but you'll feel something, which is how the body is supposed to work.

Anyway, I'm wiped.

Possibly from not enough sleep. The weather has been as rowdy as a biker bar. It smacks into the house, rattling the windows and causes us to check for tornado warnings at 2 am. We have a huge, ginormous oak tree in the backyard and the wind was hitting the house with such force, I began to fear the tree would lose a major branch or we would end up in Oz. Not a situation conducive to sleep.

Since I can't absorb anything less than an ideal life... I took 10mg today instead of 7.5mg and I still feel like a zombie.

So we'll see. I'm still hoping that this will all come together in time for me to be off steroids by June 1st, but I can tell it's going to be a fight.


  1. Even before diagnosis my back would hurt so bad that one time I actually took myself to the ER. No x-ray or anything, they decided I had a kidney stone maybe. My GP at the time (Stupid bitch doctor) would press on my back where it hurt and say...Oh gee Maureen...there is nothing there that could hurt that bad. HUH?? I really hope you can get off your steroids. I hate them.

  2. How did you manage your back pain? Inflamed adrenals? Am experiencing the same type of pain during tapering. Just called my doctor and she said to go back up for several days til pain subsided. Why do adrenals become inflamed during withdrawal?


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