Monday, August 22, 2011

Exercise Blah Blah Blah

Asthma is good. Knee is doing okay. Gallbladder is mostly behaving. Working on losing the weight from vacation. Mostly water from carb bloat.

What's killing me now is the sugar detox. Blazing headaches and fatigue for the last three days as my body realizes the week long cherry pie eating contest is over.

Ran, walked, galloped with our idiot yellow lab tonight, which I hope has helped clear some of the haze. Aerobically, I'm doing pretty good since I can run and continuously yell at the dog so he doesn't trip me.

Also, I gallop sooooo much faster than I run, the push-off from the glutes really adds to the distance I can cover. Note to self: When evading serial killers and/or rabid dogs*, gallop, don't run.

*I was attacked by a dog when I was 8 months pregnant, so this has happened. Fortunately, I was meaner than the dog.

I picked a preschool and went with the better schedule, one that allows lots of exercise. The new Zumba class I found (and like) is run by the local inflatables place. For $5 they'll provide childcare, allowing the toddler to jump and run to her heart's content. This is a pretty handy thing for the winter months. Especially when you're told to keep your kid active as an adjunct to physical therapy. So twice a week, I exercise, she exercises and then goes to preschool while I work.

Plus she can sleep as long as she wants in the morning. Last year, she really wasn't ready to get up at 8am and it was tough for her to adjust.

Let's just hope this year goes better for her socially than last year. The Early Intervention people will be working with her preschool, so hopefully their input and supervision will keep things on track

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  1. "as my body realizes the week long cherry pie eating contest is over" lol. Sounds like you guys are doing pretty good. I'm so happy you figured out what set off your asthma on vacation - it helps to know.


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