Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Note on Decorum

Hi. Just an FYI, I'm not an asshole. No really.

I'm not your punching bag either.

Unless I have directly insulted you personally, there is no reason for that kind of ire.


I don't deserve it.

It's not okay.

Further, you are proving my point.

I thought this blog might be of some service for both patients and the medical community.

I admit, the name has been an unfortunate albatross. From blog platforms that won't let me post comments as their filters consider 'pissed' to be a swear word (I don't think of it that way, to me it is just a synonym for angry) to bloggers not being sure of how 'safe' I am because who goes around labeling themselves as a 'pissed off patient'?

Well, I do and I'm not a troll deserving of a smack down either. Despite what you think the name might imply.

The patients get it, but the online medical community has been largely silent, occasionally confrontational, and rarely supportive.

Again, proving my point.

Take note, I don't bite, unless you do.


  1. Pist Off Patient?

  2. What did I miss? What are you referring to here?

  3. Is this from the comments on anonymous doc's blog?

    Because your blog entry is kinda proving their point.

  4. Anon #3, I find your comment inappropriate, but I will leave it for now.

    However, for any other commenters I won't tolerate baiting, bashing or other troll-like comments, particularly from people who can't be bothered to reveal their identity.

    If you don't actually have something relevant to say beyond drive-by comments based on things you think you know, you shouldn't be commenting.

    If the only way you can say something is to hide your identity, you shouldn't be commenting. Not if you have any integrity. Internet 101.

    Anon#1 Pist is actually kind of an amusing suggestion, but I won't bother to change it. I don't know how much longer I will continue with this blog now that I'm through the worst of it.

    Besides changing the url would be an undertaking.

    Tracy: I am not going to discuss what prompted my post other than to say it is bigger than any one incident.



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