Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Riddle Me This

So I actually weighed myself after the vacation binge.

Didn't gain an ounce.

I just assumed I had due to all the bloatage, but nope.


Ate pie every day.

Double decker ice cream cones.


Bread, specifically to-die-for grilled cheese with brie, bacon and tomato jam.

I made sure to eat only when I was hungry even if it meant skipping meals. I also walked daily. At least a mile, sometimes two. And I took the equivalent of a cold bath everyday in the Lake, which was cold enough to make limbs approach numbness (which I'm guessing revved up the metabolism a bit).

Here's what I don't understand. I can cut carbs to the bone. Exercise intensely and don't lose weight.

Yet, I can maintain weight in the face of a week long sugar coma despite supposed severe insulin resistance.

It just doesn't compute.

Coincidentally, my last bout of weight loss stopped when I discontinued the ice therapy as described in The Four Hour Body. Do I just need to take a cold bath every day? (I don't think I can hack it though.)

Or, alternate theory, did I have a touch of the adrenals? The cramps in the small muscles of my feet and hands are classic adrenal insufficiency symptoms for me. Along with the flank pain. But that has passed.

I'm back to low carbing and interval running (which is going amazing because of the pylometrics I've been doing. FYI if you want to run, do squat jumps first, then run, it'll give you a head start).

Now the scale is being a bitch even though I'm doing all the right things.

So should I be eating pizza, fries and ice cream now?

Why is my metabolism such a strange brand of screwed up? Why can't I just do Weight Watchers like everyone else?

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  1. What you have experienced is "The vacation diet rule". You cannot gain weight when you are on vacation. Sort of like, if you eat cookies in the dark standing up and no one sees you...they don't count as calories consumed. Congratulations. This doesn't always work for everyone.


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