Monday, August 8, 2011

This? Is My Body on Asthma.

The issue I'm grappling with these days is the hamster wheel of deconditioning followed by conditioning as a result of being sick. Throw in the impact of steroids on my muscles, mix in some aging, and wow does it suck to try and put myself back together over and over again.

Every time the asthma benches me, I have to slog through hell to get back to where I was. It hurts. A lot. Which is why I complained so much about having to stop exercising during the last bit of steroid taper.

Here's how exercise has been going for the last 2ish months.

1.My bicep has been messed up for a month. I'm not sure what I even did other than try to exercise.

2.My neck is a mess, with trigger points flaring around each scapula and up and down either side of my spine. Why? I added swimming to my workout routine and the lack of fitness left me ripe for reactivation of old neck injuries. (I never had trigger points until steroids,which...not awesome.)

I have since stopped swimming. Once I get to a certain point in rebuilding my upper body strength, this will all abate, but it involves months of pain, lots of massage (bless the hubby) and liberal use of the theracane. Oh, and huge quantities of NSAIDs.

3.Both the hubby and I have 'knees of a certain age.' Thanks to that no-good-reason-for-it fall in the pool in June, I can no longer out-exercise whatever is wrong with mine. I have stopped biking as that really aggravates it and hope that wishing the knee well is a viable treatment.

I wish I may, I wish I might, have a fully functional knee feeling alright.

4.Then, last week, I broke my stomach doing an inner thigh exercise. It didn't look that dangerous, but I'm five days out and I still can't sit up or touch my stomach without pain. This is WTF? bemusing.

Who sprains their stomach? I do!

Who kills herself exercising and doesn't lose a pound? I do!

*Throws up hands and gives up.*

This? Is my body on a lifetime of asthma and the steroids used to treat it.

P.S. I hiked 3.5 miles and ran 400 stairs anyway. I like stairs. The hike got a bit old that last mile. At least the deer were amusing. Suburban deer are 'How you doin'? S'up?Mind if I nibble that leaf by your elbow?' whereas national park deer freak out and have panic attacks. If they could talk, they would be screaming like a girl in a slasher movie.


  1. Hope things get better sooner rather than later. This kind of scares me as I look forward to 50+ more years of asthma meds and hopefully not too many steroids. I know that this is the risk of taking meds to control asthma...better or worse to live with the uncontrolled/less controlled asthma? I don't know...

  2. Well, remember, you are not me. I think I drew the side effect short straw.

    I'm the poster child for the worst case scenario. The odds are in your favor, I just won the wrong 'lottery.'



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