Sunday, September 18, 2011

Procrastination Station

I'm supposed to be working out, but I don't wanna. So I'm here instead. Delaying the pain.

Fatigue is eating me up, more this weekend than it was. Not sure why.

Saturday, we went to a green home exhibit. The home uses 90% less heating and cooling. It was interesting. The house is actually for sale, and will be moved to a lot in a chic neighborhood sometime this Fall. I didn't get to hear most of the presentation due to toddler wrangling, but I took lots of pictures and have a booklet which I'm assured has all the info.

They decorated and staged the home with recycled works from local artists, that was way cool to see. However, for $400k asking price? I expect a 4 bedroom home and a study. The layout was for a smaller, cheaper house. Material costs really bumped up the price. $53k in German doors and windows alone.

I think we'll just turn down the thermostat, thank you very much.

After that I took a nap. Never a good sign.

Then we dropped the toddler off with the 'rents and went dancing. 80s cover band. Excellent band. I love to dance. Music just infects me and I can't not move. I jitter and bounce like an addict. We tore up the floor, but, after the first set, the hubby looked at me and said "You're tired."

Another not good sign.

I tried to get into the second set, but, before the first song hit its mid-point, I was telling the hubby we should go. It wasn't even 10pm. Super lame-o me.

In my defense, the day started with some wheezing and there was smoke from all the smokers just outside the door and the facility had a healthy build up of third-hand smoke. I think a big part of it is just drag on the system due to the asthma. I actually took Pulmicort last night and this morning to try and head off any further asthma flare up. So far, no wheeze today.

So, today is a little fuzzy around the edges. I'm just...tired. Down to my bones.

But life goes on. Two batches of muffins made. Dishes done. Floor mopped. House dusted and picked up. Now for the HIIT squat routine from hell.

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