Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fast 10

The toddler got sick just in time for her big birthday bash.

*bangs head on wall*

We are 0-4 on avoiding the birthday bugs.

And now I have whatever she had.

This bug is more insidious than the others I've danced with recently and is causing the adrenals to flake.

By the time I was using red lights as an excuse to nap, I figured I should take some steroids.

I'm starting at 10mg and it is slowly percolating through my system, lifting the fatigue monkey off my back.

It is amazing, still, how fast this all hits. The night before the sore throat started, I had massive crying-in-my-sleep charley horses in the arches of my feet. I even woke the hubby, which is a feat since he sleeps like a vampire at noon.

I couldn't figure out what was going on. Spasms in the small muscles of the feet and hands are classic signs of HPAA suppression, but I was fine, so WTF? Then the sore throat hit. My appetite died. Then I couldn't stay awake and ended up on the couch, too out of it to prevent the toddler from using my kneecap as a push-off point in her efforts to spin in the office chair.

I thought about moving several times, but just went to sleep instead.

Today I woke up and the fatigue was just bad news. I napped sitting up in the waiting room at PT. Based on that, I realized if I dropped the toddler off at preschool and went home, I would probably fall asleep and not be able to wake-up to go get her.

So 10 mg seemed like a good idea.


  1. When my little boy was turning one he had the stomach virus. Our apartment was too small so we were having it at my cousin's house. We had to call 35 or so people and change the party to the next week. The next week my cousin's 2 y.o. was running a fever. We then had to call all 35 people and say the party has been changed from Saturday to Sunday and oh, yeah, it's at our tiny apartment.

    It worked out in the end but God was I stressed out!

  2. Damn birthday bug. Poor POP. I hope you get some energy back soon.


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