Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get Better or Face Evisceration

I finally had a day where I felt like I hit my stride with this crazy schedule I have going. My energy is okay and things are in a upswing.

Thank goodness for the improvement, otherwise I would be fodder for the new fad of targeting and eviscerating patient bloggers who aren't sick in just the right way. Because that's what puts the care in medicine, amiright?

Like I need help finding that kind of abuse. I mean flame war. No, that's not right, umm, trolling? No wait, I mean coping with the stress of a really hard job, you guys, so all you complainers who don't like what's being said? Shut-up.

Or you're next.

Med Bloggers:Where patients are punch lines and on a really bad day? Punching bags with no privacy or dignity or compassion.

It's okay if patients get reamed by name so long as the med blogger is anonymous--right?

Once again, the patients don't make the rules. Or hold any power.

Why am I not surprised?

Internet imitates life.

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