Monday, October 3, 2011

Weak Immune System ISO of Germs for Gang Bang

I am probably going to regret using a p 0 rn reference in my title, but it does pretty much sum things up. Remind me of that when this blog ranks #1 for some perverse s exual f etish.

(Been there. Done that.)

So, basically from Wed through Fri last week, my nose burned and itched like crazy. It was so sensitive that the toddler eating an apple about 10 feet away? Smelled like someone was shoving an apple coated in industrial apple scent chemicals deep into my sinuses. It rivaled pregnancy nose in sensitivity. The only thing that helped was cold medicine.

I kept waiting for the drippy nose to start, but it never did. Mostly I just felt like I was on the verge of cold, similar to the tenterhooks of a sneeze that just can't propel itself into maturity.

Same deal with the cold sores. The corners of my mouth burned, but the cold sores never actually erupted.

By Saturday the nose had resolved, but the fatigue lingered, heavy as a wet blanket. I wanted to exercise. Went so far as to put the shoes on only to end up in bed instead, thoughts of steroids dancing in my head. Sunday was better and I did work out.

Which means sneezing today and more cold sore burning. Clearly not working with a fully functional stress/immune response over here. I'm going to easy pickings for the first germ that hops on board, which is a scary thought.

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  1. I have major cold sore issues too. Keeps complicating my steroids. They are SO annoying. Good for you for working out!



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