Monday, December 26, 2011

Boogie Woogie

It says something about our lifestyle that, when we turn off the lights, break out the glow sticks and crank up the music, our dogs don't even blink, stir, or bother to yawn. Their crazy owners are old hat.

In an effort to teach good binging habits to my kid, we held a dance party in the front hall after dinner. Three generations boogied their hearts out to Maroon 5's new album.

Then I hit the wall pretty hard. Didn't take steroids as I'm still sorting out the rules. Went to bed very early and, today, I'm trying to figure out what I will be doing and will it require steroids? I don't know!

As for the binging, I have not gained any weight. That is surprising. I'm still not used to eating food I shouldn't and not paying for it in poundage. Whatever the adrenals are doing plus exercise and skipping meals during the holidays seems to be an effective strategy.

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