Friday, December 23, 2011

An Exercise in Progress

Did my first 2.5mg work out on Thursday. It was much better. I did not collapse on the nearest horizontal surface afterwards.

However I did hit a pretty big wall of fatigue for a few hours and started feeling flu-ish. The fatigue could be all the junk food I ate (sugar crash), but the flu bit is some kind of adrenal aftereffect.

Even so, we went to the grocery store and watched a movie after, which is unheard of. So progress.

These workouts are intense and I'm fairly deconditioned so I am going to take the advice of a wise adrenal patient and try 5mg next time. Just until I can do those squats and still walk the next day. Right now, I waddle like Jabba the Hut with a bad case of chub rub. Sooooo sore. OMG. I thought I was further along than this, but nope.

Today I'm still sneezey and feeling tired, but the fatigue is not outside the realm of normal. I'm pretty sore and my energy is okay-ish, so I think it's just the work out kicking my ass. Although the early cold symptoms are still adrenal whatsit so... eh. Whatever. I was trying to be optimistic but the logic wasn't holding together.

Moving on...

I don't think steroids are necessary for all exercise. Just the hard workouts, which would include the strength cardio and Zumba. Eventually, I anticipate not needing anything for Zumba, but the strength cardio will probably require something for a while.

Walking and elliptical, I would not pre-dose for, but could see post-workout dosing if I hit the wall. I can also foresee issues when I start trying to exercise daily (which may never happen, but I can dream),i.e. trying to walk while still recovering from strength work . The New Year's wedding will be an updose just because I'm a hard core dancer.

And that is more than anyone probably wants to know. But I am excited about exercise. I really do like to move. I like to be strong. I told the hubby, lucky for him my adrenals are so wimpy or I'd make him an amateur swing dance champion.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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