Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I ordered a new medic alert bracelet. One for the long haul as the crisis made quite an impression.

The last one said "Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency" which is not technically accurate anymore and is not always true for me anyway. I am not insufficient all the time but I am probably always at risk of a stress related crisis.

This bracelet went with:

Long Term Steroid Use
Hx: Adrenal Insufficiency
Hx: Adrenal Crisis

Not that ambulances carry or administer steroids, but, if I'm ever in a car accident, at least they'll know why I'm dying.


  1. What a good idea. I never thought about it but now that you mention it, doesn't it seem like first responders should have steroids?

  2. Good idea on the bracelet. I ordered one from Costco but when it came to discussing what to put on it over the phone, I lost my mind. They were telling me I couldn't put certain things on, what I had didn't exist, and then that nothing would fit. Think I just got a lemon helper as it was all problems and no solutions. Haven't had to patience to call back and set it up yet and that was 3 months ago!

  3. Hi, I posted here before, and you were great with your responses. I finally tapered off steroids after tapering for 4 years. I had my first normal low dose ACTH test (morning cortisol of 10, 15 at 30 min, 18 at 60 min)- just met the labs criteria of normal. So, I'm not supposed to take hydrocortisone again, even when sick. And, I'm not supposed to use the injection if injured. But, I think my cortisol function probably fluctuates. But, the endo thinks I am fine and congratulated me on my normal adrenal function. I woke up sick in the night the other night and passed out. I ended up taking a small dose of the hydrocortisone I still have and was able to go back to bed. I never vomited or really got sick - just felt extremely nauseated and then just lousy for several days.

    This kind of thing happened prior to going on HC, but hadn't happened in several years.

    Is there any test that would show inconsistent cortisol function?

    I might order a bracelet like this. I have an adrenal insufficiency bracelet, but I stopped wearing it when the doctor said I was fine.


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