Friday, December 9, 2011

The Problem With Exercise

Twice now the day after exercise, I've had some kind of adrenal flare. Yesterday, I thought I was going to throw up and had other active GI symptoms.

The hubby said, "I get what you call sick every time I eat out."

"Yeah, but you don't get hit with weakness after."

That's the difference between adrenal whatsit and bad Chinese food. It's not a purge, it's a symptom of something wrong in my body.

This is why he gets texts to keep the phone near by and, by the way, fast food franchises are cooking dinner tonight.

I felt like my BP was pretty low. Still have not replaced the BP unit, but the fading lightheadedness is pretty familiar. Also stomach and back pain. Went to bed and slept for a couple hours when hubby got home.

The whole thing really bummed me out because, up to that point, I had felt the day was going to be awesome. The sun was shining. We made cut out cookie dough (the regular diabetes inducing recipe, none of this healthy but tastes like sh*t stuff). I mopped the floor. Got some work done.

The toddler and I had agreed to take the black lab for a walk after preschool.Then we would bake cookies.

Twice now I have promised cookie baking to the toddler only to hit the wall. I need to stop making any promises in advance of an event and give myself an exit. Also I think the dog is pretty ticked about us saying the word walk and not pulling out a leash. She keeps looking at me with big sad eyes.

But we baked the cookies at least and the toddler was able to hang out with her friends and decorate them. Which is what counts.

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