Thursday, December 22, 2011

Working With

Saw the endo.

They are working with me. I think they understand what I'm saying. Basically the upper reaches of my system are not performing. I have a certain performance range and anything above it just doesn't go as planned.

Or, the other way I put it, I'm an under-inflated basketball. There's just no bounce. No resiliency.

Think about it. All the things that demand extra cortisol--illness, surgery, exercise--are things I have problems with. I had problems before the crisis and they have intensified since.

Daily life ain't so hot either, but I'm not afraid of being tired, I'm afraid of not having a life. I'll deal with a certain level of fatigue because the only alternative is to be on steroids every day, which, hell to the NO.

So even though all my blood work is awesome, we are in agreement that I will stress dose for exercise and illness. I'll try 2.5mg before exercise and up to 10mg for illness and we'll see how it shakes out.

Hopefully this will all even out over time. I had just gotten to where I could bound out of bed in the morning when the crisis hit. I hope I can get back to that.

I did forget to mention some things and am so mad at myself... The shaking and cold that came with the crisis, which separated it markedly from stomach flu (although I think the endo concedes it was a crisis or at least didn't argue with me). Also, the ongoing lack of appetite.

Yesterday, being so wiped, I didn't have any hunger until dinner. I did not end up taking 5mg, which I regret because it was a critical day with lots of activity and everything took me thrice as long.

Today is better and is at a slower pace, enough to incorporate a nap if I need it. (OMG I have to say, how lame is it that I talk about naps like I'm a two-year-old? Oh how the mighty have fallen!) I did a carb load since I was so hungry. Actually finished my meal before the hubby, which has happened...never.

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  1. Wow... a Doc's appointment? WAY TO GO! Happy for you, but wish you didnt need 'em.


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