Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Turtle Come Back

So the IV nurse at the clinic turned me on to P90X and I was able to borrow it from a friend to see what it was all about firsthand.

At first, it made me want to cry because all I could do was watch. I was just lucky to be able to go for walks still.

I loved the pylometrics workout. Except for the fact that it's like an hour and a half long.

Is it even safe to do that intense a workout that long?

Unless you're an Olympic athlete of course.

Even if I was in shape, I don't think I would do pylo for that long. It seems excessive. I would break it up into 20 minute increments myself.

Eventually I did what I could of the yoga dvd. Which was not much. That's another hour and a half work out which seems long, but the yoga class I signed up for is the same length. I can feel my commitment to yoga wavering on time constraints alone.

I need Mommy's Quick Relax Yoga not Yoga to Infinity and Beyond.

But no one does that so spit, meet wind.

Then I stumbled onto the Cardio X workout on the P90X menu, which is a 45 minute hodge-podge of the yoga, kenpo and pylometric work outs. It's easier. It's shorter.

Huh, I thought. Maybe I could do this. You know, someday.

So the hubby and I tried it today. I did about 1/3 of the workout. I like the Yoga because FYI Yoga is effing hard and I feel like I need to work those muscles a bit before the yoga class starts. The rest of it was okay. I think I like my kenpo (aka cardio kickboxing) choreography better. I'm kind of an exercise loner--once I learn the basics, I like to skip the class and create my own routines.

So not a P90x convert. Other than to data mine it for moves I like and want to use on my own.

After the dvd ended, I finished with 10 minutes on the elliptical because I felt guilty about not being able to go full throttle. I actually wanted to do 20, the hubby confined me to 5 and 10 was our compromise. He's right to not want me doing too much, I should want to go slow too, but it's so hard to be a turtle when, in the moment, I know I can run.

The aftermath of exercising is never foreshadowed in my body. This makes it really hard to know what constitutes over-doing it and is a major source of frustration for me.

As for my BP, I don't know. I don't care. I am taking a break from bothering with it. I medicate it. I eat right. I exercise. It's going to do what it's going to do. Frankly, it can kiss my fat ass.


  1. My husband did the full P90x a couple of times it was harsh. I joined it for a few workouts when I was in the best shape i've ever been in and they were still super tough. Also more targeted at men methinks. The part that was good for him was that it was structured and he wanted to complete it so he stuck with it. I didn't lack the motivation to exercise in other ways and I didn't want to be brutalized by the DVD

    There is no way I could touch them with a 10 foot pole now or would I want to. Good for you for trying.

  2. "I medicate it. I eat right. I exercise. It's going to do what it's going to do. Frankly, it can kiss my fat ass." I love this. :)


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