Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad Biking

I'm still not exercising much. I tried to keep up with everything--squatting and doing push-ups while I had bronchitis--however, that fell to the wayside as the fatigue from fighting to breathe sapped my will to do anything other than rest.

Since then, I've only walked and done one session of yoga a week.

In short, I am out of shape. Partly from illness and partly because I've lacked the ambition to claw my way back to fitness. It doesn't seem worth it when I'm just going to get sick again.

So when the hubby and I decided to go bike around the lake yesterday, I was a bit wary of my ability to actually do a ten mile loop, even one graded as 'easy'. (It doesn't help that I like to ride low so my feet can touch the ground when I stop, this makes peddling a lot more work than it should be and very hard on the knees. Also the bike had no gears, which also makes for a harder ride.)

I made it 6 or 8 miles and then had to turn back. It was fun, but I am not in shape for that much exercise. I hit the wall on the way back and was glassy-eyed with fatigue by the time we returned the rental bikes. My knees were a numb mess of inflammation.

From there I collapsed into bed and slept fitfully for three hours. My throat became sore and I started sneezing, my nose itching like I was coming down with a cold. I was just absolutely fried and wondered if I had managed to even outpace the positive impact of progesterone.

Today will be an interesting test of my ability to recover or not. The progesterone is a major improvement, but it's apparently not foolproof.

My body is mildly sore today. I can walk normally, which was not the case yesterday, and the cold symptoms are gone (I really wish I knew what that's about). Hopefully, if I just take it easy, I'll be fine.

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  1. I totally do that with biking too, must have my feet down. But I always find it tougher than my husband and I wonder if this is part of it now! He usually just thinks I'm whining but I swear the peddling is TOUGH. I would go on slow short rides with ya! Good for you for trying but don't push too hard.


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