Monday, September 24, 2012

See Saw Down

And today is worse! WTF? This is confusing. I didn't think I had enough congestion left to cause a problem, and yesterday was great, but the asthma kept me up most of the night anyway. Hacking, hacking, hacking with crackling lungs. Out of nowhere.

I used the rescue inhaler to open the lungs and then tried a variety of things to shut off my cough reflex. I sucked on tic-tacs. Nothing. At one point, I groggily ate ice cream, hoping to numb my throat and nada.

I ended up having to sleep sitting up on the couch. Very uncomfortable. I was so wiped, I passed out in some weird contorted position that my back is very unhappy about this morning.

And now I'm all tired out from the asthma.

Huh. Not the direction I expected to go.

Well, today is shot to hell. Dislike!

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  1. I know that emotion - asthma can make us really tired. Fortunately, I have good doctors and good medicines, but I know, that it isn't common cold, which will pass by week.
    I wish You all the best and good health! Be strong.
    Greetings from Cracow, Poland, Europe.


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