Sunday, October 14, 2012

Check In

So I thought the cold was gone. Even went for a walk a few days I wake up full of asthma and congestion. My left ear is clogged again.

I want to blame it on some glancing cigarette smoke exposure, but that wouldn't clog my ear.

Spent most of the morning in bed...worn out I think from the asthma, which is not horrible, but still significant. At least now the skin on my chest will move freely.

With regards to writing...I'm getting into audiobooks now. Collaborating with narrators and splitting the profits. It's been an interesting learning curve.

One of my books is likely going to hit the top 100 on Amazon sometime this month (this is the equivalent of making a USA Today or NYT bestseller list--I hit it once before on that book that Amazon mistakenly filtered from their search algo and the book never recovered). Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself by saying anything, but it's been fun to watch it sloooooowly climb the charts.

Too bad my health isn't on the same upward trajectory.


  1. Congrats on the book and the new business venture! Sorry you've got the URI & ear stuff going on. I've been dealing with a URI since early September and think I may have crossed over into pneumonia or severe bronchitis. Like you, I've got asthma too and I totally understand how exhausting it all is when simply breathing is an exertion. :-(

    Hope we're both on the mend SOON!

  2. That's great news about the book! I'm really sorry to hear your health is in the dumps right now though. :(


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