Monday, November 19, 2012

A New Day But Someone Is Still Going to the Doctor Anyway

Finally today I feel like I'm going to live! Last night I was chugging water like crazy and even resorted to the nasty slime known as greens powder in an effort to mitigate all the inflammation. Between time and green slime, I seem to now be past the worst of it.

The whole thing has been a good reminder for me that it does matter what I eat and that I can't slack just because there's no good food in the house. I do eat carbs in nominal amounts on a regular basis and they don't bother me, but Friday was an unusually big load of gluten. Apparently I ate beyond my tolerance.

I regret ever bite.

Also, greens powder still tastes like frog dingleberries.

Just FYI.

But I'm going to drink some more today.

The kiddo is not doing so well. I've been dithering about whether she had reached a level of sick that required the ped....going back and forth as her illness waxed and waned. Last week I thought for sure I would be taking her in, but she seemed to rebound. Yet here we are at week four of this bug and she just needs to be seen. The congestion is not getting better and she's clingy and whiny as if she doesn't feel well. I haven't been able to document a fever with the thermometer, but she often seems flushed and hot.

So in she goes to the ped.

We put up the Christmas tree today...a little early because I still need to take photos for our Christmas cards as well as for the calendar we make every year for our family. After she went to bed last night, we snuck the tree into the house and this morning my husband turned on the lights for her so it would make an impression when she first saw it after getting out of bed.

She was so delighted, her gasps of awe were beyond sweet. She loved hanging the ornaments with me. And that was the apogee of our day, she's been either snuggled against my side or in my bed ever since. Poor kiddo.

I hope my chickadee feels better soon.

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