Sunday, November 11, 2012


Good morning. I am doing okay. The cold turned out to be more wannabe than anything else. However, the kiddo is still quite sick with it going on week three and now the hubby is ill too.

The kiddo may need to see the ped, I'm not sure. No fever but awful congestion in her chest and sinuses that is not abating at all along with some minor reduction in normal activity. Croup is going around at preschool so I wonder if she has it? There's not a ton of coughing though so I don't know.

Also...does croup mutate too quickly for a vaccine? I was surprised to learn that there was no vaccine for it. We are so vaccine happy I was shocked to see science had let a germ get by without a shot to counter it. Somehow croup has wound up as being okay to have.

Last night we went out to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Somehow we've stuck it out, through thick and thin, asthma and adrenals. Interestingly enough the start of our relationship coincides with my first adrenal suppression.

We went to see Skyfall and apparently we are the only people on the planet who were kind of 'meh' about the whole thing. Everyone seems to love it and my husband and I were doing the 'Are you bored? I'm bored,this could've ended thirty minutes ago' discussion in our theater seats. No wonder we're together, our pop culture radars are twins.

And then we went out to eat.

The whole point of this recitation is to get to this sentence...I felt perfect. Normal energy. No fatigue. No interest in sleeping at the earliest opportunity. No sleeping all morning to store up energy for our fact I was planning to exercise until I ran out of time to do so, being so busy with other things. I am still amazed at the contrast of what I can do now vs. what I couldn't do before.

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  1. Yahooo i realize what huge progress this is for you!!


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