Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inflammation Is Disease

I have a perfect storm of suck brewing.

Progesterone stopped for eight days.

A carb overload on Friday, the product of hunger when food stores were at a low point and the only good choice appeared to be bread followed by more flour based items too numerous to list.

The result...I feel like utter shit.

I don't have Celiac's. I would characterize myself as sensitive or intolerant, but not full blown Celiac's. I don't get the GI symptoms of Celiac's at all, but gluten does cause some serious inflammation. I currently feel like I'm 60 with bad arthritis and a side of flu. The joint inflammation is immense. Wow! Here's my up close and personal illustration of how inflammation is disease. I totally believe it!

Yesterday it took me until about 3pm to feel human. Today I started well and then collapsed into bed for the rest of the day, passed out like a drunk. I've totally ruined the family's weekend and the hubby is chafing at being reined in by all the stupid carbs we consumed.

Usually when I eat stupid carbs I take extra Alpha Lipoic Acid and that blunts the worst of the reaction. However this time I didn't have any on hand and boy, do I regret its absence. It could have saved me some serious misery.

Today I've been trolling various Celiac sites and blogs looking for a quicker way to undo the damage. Sadly, I'm pretty much doing everything I can:

-lemon water with freshly grated ginger
-green tea
-lots of water
-juicing spinach, carrot, apple, ginger
-taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (the second I was upright I went out and bought some)
-hot packs on the most painful joints
-alternating Tylenol and Advil for the pain
-extra sleep (Ha! Like I have a choice. If I go prone, I'm out right now whether I want to be or not.)

The last few rounds of no progesterone have been okay and I was optimistic that this one would be the same, but it has been more like falling off a cliff into the old bad adrenal days. And then I made it so much worse with stupid carbs.

Blech. Hopefully I will learn my lesson. For me, gluten is poison whether I have Celiac's or not.

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